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Vladimir Shamakhov

Doctor of Economics,

The First Class Acting Adviser of the Russian Federation

V. Shamakhov was born on January 22, 1952 in Staronikolsk village, Leninsky district of Moscow region, Russia.

In 1974 V. Shamakhov graduated from Leningrad Higher Marine Engineering College named after admiral S.O. Makarov.

  • 1990  – Deputy head of the North-West Department of the State Custom Control of USSR
  • 1993  – Head of HR and institutions of the State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation
  • 1996-2002  – Head of the North-West Customs Directorate
  • 2002-2004  – Rector of the North-West Academy of Public Administration and HeadStaff Policy (HR Policy)
  • 2004-2006  – The First Deputy Head of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation. Colonel-GeneralCustomsService
  • 2007  – Deputy Head of the Central Office of the Government of the Russian Federation. V. Shamakhov was given the class rank of the 1st Class Acting Adviser of the Russian Federation
  • From 2011 till present – Director of the North-West Institute of Management of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

Area of expertise:

  • The processes of Eurasian Integration
  • Economy of the Post-Soviet States
  • Innovation processes in management and educational environment


Pesochnaya Embankment, Building 4
Phone number: (812) 335-94-94 (7101)
E-mail: shamakhov-va@sziu.ranepa.ru

Director’s Assistant – Natalia Petrova


Oleg Bedrik
Coordinates financial and economic activity of the Institute as well as issues of statistics and analysis, HR management
Assistant: Svetlana Kondratieva

Pesochnaya Embankment, Building 4
Phone number: (812) 323-51-48
Е-mail: bedrik-oi@sziu.ranepa.ru

Evgeny Kitin, PhD in Law Sciences, Associate Professor

Coordinates all academic activities (study programs and plans, organization of educational process, etc.), as well as extra-curricular students’ activities, organization of admission to the Institute,
students’ practice and employment assistance

Assistant: Natalia Kutafina
Pesochnaya Embankment, Building 4
Phone number: (812) 323-10-02
Е-mail: kitin-ea@sziu.ranepa.ru 

Vyacheslav Cheprasov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor

Coordinates work on IT support and courseware, maintenance of buildings, offices and dormitories of the Institute, issues of civil defence and emergency, material, technical and transport support,
social work, catering service and health care for students and staff of the Institute

Assistant: Svetlana Kondratieva

Pesochnaya Embankment, Building 4
Phone number: (812) 328-56-32, 323-51-48 (reception)
Е-mail: cheprasov-vyu@sziu.ranepa.ru

Olga Kazanskaya

Coordinates the interaction with the authorities of the North-West Federal district, Plenipotentiary representative of the Russian Federation President, coordinates the professional development of civil servants of the North-West Federal district.

Assistant: Svetlana Kondratieva

Pesochnaya Embankment, Building 4
Phone number: (812) 323-51-48 (reception)
Е-mail: kazanskaya-oa@ranepa.ru

information service

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admission Committee

199178 Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Sredny prospect VO, 57/43

Tel: +7 (812) 323-33-11

E-mail: priem-sziu@ranepa.ru

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