Global Studies in Russia


Program Global Studies in Russia is an integrated high-profile English language program in political science launched by the Faculty of International Relations and Politics, RANEPA's brand-new innovative educational school in political science, located in Saint-Petersburg.



“Global studies in Russia” aims for the highest international standards in teaching and research. The program has been launched with the active support of the independent International Advisory Board (IAB) composed of worldrenowned academics. The IAB members are Vladimir Gel’man (University of Helsinki, Finland), Samuel Greene (King’s College London, the UK), Henry Hale (George Washington University, the USA), Peter Rutland (Wesleyan University, the USA) and Petra Stykow (Ludwig-MaximiliansUniversität München, Germany).


Global studies in Russia focuses on Russian studies and promotes the genuine interest to the Russian politics, language and culture among the international students majored in political science and complementary fields.


The program is taught by Faculty of International Relations & Politics' members proficient in English who gained vast international teaching and research experience, and by the prominent invited professors.


Global Studies in Russia welcomes international bachelor students and BA degree holders interested in major fields of political science and having the particular interests in Post-Soviet and Russian Studies.

Structure of the program

Fall (September-January): ECTS credits
Post-Soviet Studies: Russia 6
Russian Studies: Culture & History 6
Political Concepts and Rhetoric (optional) 4
Comparative Political Systems 6
Public Policy: Theories & Cases 6
Russian Language 6
Spring (February-June):  
Global Governance 6
Urban Studies & Politics 6
Post-Soviet Studies: CIS 6
Russian Politics 6
Russian Language 6

Global studies in Russia is an integral part of the bachelor program partially taught in English. Students enrolled in Russian language BA program are strongly encouraged to enroll in the courses of the Global studies in Russia curriculum.

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