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Russian as a foreign language


Soft and rhythmical, Russian is a beautiful language to listen to, and the Cyrillic alphabet certainly lends an exciting feeling. Most who encounter it consider Russian to be one of the most romantic languages they’ve ever heard. As far as we know, there are few who would challenge the application of this superlative.


The highest quality language training:

Experienced professional RFL (Russian as a Foreign Language) teachers,

Classes on customers’ premises,

Flexible programs that suit all ages, abilities and needs,

Professional memberships


All our teachers are professional RFL (Russian as a Foreign Language) graduated from well-known Russian State Universities with 5-10 years experience. Our tutors are skilled professionals with great devotion to their job.


Our teachers use their extensive experience to design Russian lessons individually for each student.

We apply a variety of techniques ranging from introduction to the Russian language history, from etymology to role-play, live discussions\s and creative work (drawing, storytelling) in the class.

We use all common textbooks like Poehali, Russian Express, Survival Russian, Everyday Conversation, Basic Russian, A way to social interaction, Russian for Business Communication etc. However, we use them creatively.

We also have original teaching materials: dialogs, texts, tables, which can sort out specific communication, and grammar problems (Verbs of Motion, Aspects, Category of State, Eating out, How to give instructions to drivers, etc.)

Our method is to present the Russian language exclusively in the context of real life situations.

Our aim is to use an enjoyable, easy-to-understand, but at the same time reliable method of studying Russian.

We combine the communicative approach with a systematic presentation of grammar, plus numerous appropriate exercises. This is of vital importance for learning a language like Russian, which has an inflectional system and non-fixed word order, a language in which word ending create the meaning.

We maintain high standards in teaching Russian as a foreign language

All programs of Russian for foreigners take into consideration individual needs of the students and are prepared by the team of highly-qualified professionals in the field of methodology and teaching of RFL. The programs are based on the cultural aspects of contemporary life in Russia.

Our educational Centre is situated in a very center of St-Petersburg only 5-7 minutes from Vasileostrovskaya or Sportivnaya Metro station. Classes are held in a friendly atmosphere in the spacious, well equipped classrooms with audio and video equipment, computers and visual aids.


  • consultation –  from 950 rub/hour
  • individual course – 2600 rub/hour
  • course for 2-students group  – 1400 rub/ hour
  • course for a standard group – 39500 rub/72 hours

Students have to apply for the visa at a visa department of a Russian Consulate or Embassy in their home country. The school will provide participants with a necessary Letter of Invitation.

Details about the program:

Tel. +7 (812) 323-07-94, ext. 1345
Е-mail: studyinrus.spb@gmail.com
Address: 57, Sredny Prospect V.O., office 306


+7 (812) 335-94-94 – диспетчер.

E-mail: sziu@ranepa.ru

Московский кампус РАНХиГС 

199178 Россия, г. Санкт-Петербург
Средний пр. В.О., д. 57/43

Телефон:+7 (812) 335-94-94, доб. 1306

E-mail: priem-sziu@ranepa.ru

Тел.: +7 (921) 099-61-41

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