Professionally oriented foreign languages

We offer educational programs, related to the current processes in modern society: professional communications, globalization, intercultural communications, improving system of management, tendencies of marketing development and financial markets. Students get theoretical knowledge in this sphere as well as practical skills that are necessary in modern realms. They study format of business meetings, negotiations, interview, business communications on the telephone, effective presentations, general types of business written communications.

Upon the request Centre provides module studying and develops tailor-made programs. If you are interested in certain topics in different programs, specialists of the Center can combine professionally oriented topics and develop an exclusive educational program. International Center developed such programs as:

  • English in tourism
  • Effective business communication for civil servants in English
  • Professional oriented English for law enforcement officers
  • Chinese in sphere of economic relationships
  • German in sphere of business communication

Schedule also is developed individually for groups; it is possible to provide lessons in the morning or in the evening.

Format of the lessons:

  • Individually
  • Group (7-12 person)
  • Small group (4-6 person)

Upon graduating program, students get RANEPA certificate.

International Centre for educational programs

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