Admission for incoming students
Admission for incoming students

There are two opportunities for foreign students to enroll for degree programs at NWIM (language of tuition is Russian):

  • With a tuition fee (by a contract)
  • Without a tuition fee (in the framework of the quota)

Admission by a contract

Following kinds of education are offered at NWIM RANEPA:

Secondary vocational education (list of programs with prices and academic calendar please see here)

Higher education:

Programs of additional professional development

Required documents:

By submitting of your application:

  • Originals of officially legalized (if necessary) foreign educational document and its attachment (if this is provided in the country where document had been received)
  • A document certifying the identity of a foreign citizen in the Russian Federation in accordance with Article 10 of Federal Law No. 115-FZ of July 25, 2002 «On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation»
  • 6 photos (size 3х4)

After the enrollment:

  • A medical confirmation of having no contraindications for studying in Russia (form «086 У»)
  • A medical confirmation of having no HIV infection during 6 months prior to the first day of classes specified in the contract (form «050»)
  • Certificate of the radiography examination (a medical examination made using X-rays), passed in St. Petersburg
  • Transcript of records or other official document of pre-university (secondary) education (original), where courses and notes are indicated
  • Certificate of vaccination (if available) or an extract from a personal medical information card issued in student’s home country (at the place of residence)

Documents issued in a foreign language must be translated into Russian (translation should be certified by a notary).

Admission by quota

Admission of foreign citizens, stateless persons and compatriots living abroad to study at NWIM RANEPA at the expense of budgetary allocations of the federal budget in the framework of the quota established by Government Decree No. 891 of October 8, 2013 «On establishing a quota for the education of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship in the Russian Federation» for BA, MA and PhD programs.

Required documents:

  • Application form (to get the form, please contact
  • The original foreign educational document and its attachment, where courses studied, notes and resulting grades are indicated (transcript of records for those who are still studying). All documents must have certified translation into Russian
  • A document proving the identity and citizenship of an applicant
  • A Health Assessment issued in accordance with the established procedure
  • A standard certificate of the HIV-negative status of the applicant
  • 6 photos (size 3×4 cm, black-and-white, matte).1 photo in electronic format.
  • Motivation letter (for candidates applying for MA programs only)


1) Documents issued in a foreign language must be translated into Russian (translation should be certified by a notary).

2) Foreign citizens undergo an admission test in the form of an interview.

3) Foreign citizens are enrolled in case of successful admission test (interview) and submitting all documents. The date of admission test is defined when groups are formed, after that candidate is informed about the date.

4) Admission documents must be submitted by an applicant in person or by a trusted person.

5) Foreign citizens enrolled in the framework of the quota are provided with a dormitory.

Documents as scanned copies must be sent to the E-mail address: