Department of International cooperation
Department of International cooperation

The Department of International Cooperation manages international activity of the North-West Institute of Management of RANEPA, oversees the implementation of educational projects, communicates with international partners and consulates and develops new alliances.

The Department of International Cooperation is responsible for:

  • Developing and managing the international cooperation programmes
  • Evaluating the proposals for bilateral cooperation from international partners, submitting notifications to the Director of the Institute
  • Elaborating local normative documents regulating partnerships
  • Spreading among professors, undergraduate and postgraduate students the information on international grants and educational or exchange programmes and supporting their participation
  • Communication with international organizations and funds on the subject of financial support of the international cooperation programmes as well as the support of academic activity
  • Coordinating the academic departments to develop their international agenda
  • Hosting international visits (delegations from international universities and organizations, visiting professors, exchange students etc).

The structure of the Department of International Cooperation:

  • Sector for International Exchanges and Cooperation (international cooperation, bilateral agreements, incoming and outgoing mobility, Erasmus+, FIRST, etc.)
  • International Admission Office (visa support for international students, professors and staff and other international visitors, migration registration services)
  • Center for International Project Activities (international research projects, funded by international organizations, preparation of grant applications, international grant management and related activities)
  • China Cooperation Centre (中华人民共和国合作中心)
  • International Center for Language Training and Professional Communications (foreign language courses, Russian language courses)

Department of International Cooperation, Pesochnaya Embankment, Building 4

NameRoom numberTel.Extension numberE-mail
Natalia MUYZINIK, Head304(812)
Irina NIKONOVA, Deputy head 301(812) 335-94-947125
Konstantin KOROLEV, Deputy head301 (812)

Sector for International Exchanges and Cooperation, Pesochnaya Embankment, Building 4

Valeria SILINSKAYA, Head404(812) 


Kristina EPSHTEYN-WESSELY, Project Director404(812)
Yaroslav TOMSIN, International coordinator404(812)
Nadezhda SERINA, International coordinator404(812) 335-94-94
Valeria RUBINA, International coordinator404(812) 335-94-94

Center for International Project Activities, Pesochnaya Embankment, Building 4

Dmitry NOVIK, Head403(812)
Elizaveta BEREZINA, International coordinator403(812) 335-94-947129

Centre of cooperation with People`s Republic of China (China Cooperation Centre), Pesochnaya Embankment, Building 4, 


Evgenia CHERNYAVSKAYA, Director
402(812) 335-94-947080
Anastasia DOSTOVALOVA, Specialist
402(812) 335-94-947080
Zhang Xin, Consultant for programs of professional development (China )
继续教育项目顾问 (中国方向) 张新

International Admission Office, Sredny Prospekt V.O., Building 57/43

Andrey TYUSHEV, Head302(812) 323-50-921324
Ilona PUSHKOVA302(812)
Lyudmila TARASOVA302(812)
Ekaterina AVTAIKINA302(812)

International Centre for Language Training and Professional Communication, Sredny Prospekt V.O., Building 57/43

Anna SKORYNINA, Director305(812) 335-94-771244
Anna ATROSHCHENKO, manager of educational programs306(812) 323-07-941345
Victoria SHUKAILO, manager of the training program “Russian as a Foreign Language”304(812) 323-07-941388
Maria BISEROVA, marketing and organization manager306(812) 323-07-941345
Akhmed Ali Mokhamed Abdula Al-KEBSI304(812)