Double diploma program
Double diploma program
NWIM RANEPA in cooperation with University of Nice Sophia Antipolis has launched a joint educational project “Double Russian-French Bachelor Degree program (Economics)”.

You have an unique opportunity to get Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Management at NWIM RANEPA and at the same time at one of the best University in Europe – University of Nice Sophia Antipolis.

Double Diploma is:

  • High quality program of two leading universities in Russia and France
  • An opportunity to continue your education on Master’s program in French language at University of Nice or at International Institute of Management (CNAM, Paris) in English Language
  • High career opportunities.

 About Partner University:

  • University of Nice Sophia Antipolis was established in 1965. Its structure includes 7 faculties, 6 institutes (including Higher Institute of Economics and Management – ISEM) and 2 High Schools.
  • More than 29 000 students as well as 19% of foreign students study at the University.
  • University of Nice Sophia Antipolis is included in top 20 universities in France and also in Shanghai rating of top 500 universities in the world.

Language proficiency of the students:

The required level of French proficiency is B1 (1-4 semester).

B2 level gives an opportunity to be transferred to the 5th semester.

Online learning:

  • Professors from ISEM teach the additional courses in French using online educational platform “JALON”. It is available for every student of the University by Digital Workspace (ENT).

Period of Study:

As an option there is an opportunity to study at ISEM during one or two semesters as well as to participate in summer language internship (in case of the high French language competence).

Students who have completed the joint educational program and have received DALF/TCF certificate (French Language Proficiency Test) of B2 level receive Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Management of University of Nice Sophia Antipolis and Bachelor’s Degree in Economics of Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

Link to the website.

Director of “Double Russian-French Bachelor Degree program (Economics)”:

Evgenia KUKLINA, Doctor of Economics, Professor

Program is realized at the Faculty of Economy and Finance, NWIM RANEPA

Address: Saint-Petersburg, Dnepropetrovskaya Street, Building 8 (Metro station “Obvodny canal”).
Phone number: (812) 335-94-63; (812) 323-50-92; (812) 323-94-82