Faculty of State and Municipal administrationPublic and Municipal Administration, BA (language of tuition: Russian)Modern Public Administration, MA (language of tuition: Russian)Political Institutions, Processes and Technologies, PhD (language of tuition: Russian)Russian History, PhD (language of tuition: Russian)
Faculty of Economics and FinanceBusiness Informatics, BA (language of tuition: Russian)Management, BA (language of tuition: Russian)Economics, BA (language of tuition: Russian)Management of programs and projects, MA (language of tuition: Russian)Finances, MA (language of tuition: Russian)Company Economics, MA (language of tuition: Russian)International program for exchange students (language of tuition- English):World Economy and the Development of Financial Markets, BA
Faculty of LawLaw, BA (language of tuition: Russian)International Public Law, European Law, MA (language of tuition: Russian)Criminal Law, Criminology, Criminal Executive Law, MA (language of tuition: Russian)Theory and history of law and state,
history of studies about law and state, PhD (language of tuition: Russian)Constitutional law, constitutional trial, municipal law, PhD (language of tuition: Russian)Administrative law, administrative process, PhD (language of tuition: Russian)International program for exchange students (language of tuition- English):Modern European Law, MA 
Faculty of Social Technologies Journalism, BA (language of tuition: Russian)Advertising and public relations, BA (language of tuition: Russian)Social work, BA (language of tuition: Russian)Psychology, BA (language of tuition: Russian)Human resources, BA (language of tuition: Russian)Human resources, MA (language of tuition: Russian)Psychology of development, acmeology, PhD (language of tuition: Russian)Social structure, social institutions and processes, PhD (language of tuition: Russian)Sociology of Management, PhD (language of tuition: Russian)
Faculty of International Relations and PoliticsInternational Relations, BA (language of tuition: Russian)Political Science, BA (language of tuition: Russian)World Politics, MA (language of tuition: Russian)Potitical Problems of International Relations,
Global and Regional Development, PhD (language of tuition: Russian)International programs for exchange students (language of tuition – English):
Global Studies in Russia, BAGlobal Politics, MA 
Faculty of Customs Regulation and Security Customs regulation, specialist’s degree (language of tuition: Russian)Economic security, specialist’s degree (language of tuition: Russian)International program for exchange students (language of tuition – English):Customs regulation and foreign trade, BA
Faculty of Secondary vocational education Prosthetic, orthopaedic and rehabilitation technologies (language of tuition: Russian)Law and organization of social services (language of tuition: Russian)Economics and accounting (language of tuition: Russian)
Faculty of Additional Professional Education Programs of professional retraining (language of tuition: Russian):State and Municipal AdministrationState and municipal management in the sphere of national and religious relationsStandard training program of the court-appointed managersContract system in the sphere of procurement of goods, activities and servicesTraining of management personnel for the Arctic zone of the Russian FederationSocial work with citizensHousing management, monitoring of technical condition, operation and maintenance of public and civil facilitiesPersonnel ManagementFinance and creditEconomicsUse of buildings, structures and apartment housesLaw
Programs of additional professional development