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Summer School 2020


RANEPA Spas na Krovi compressed

"Global Studies in Russia" | 6-15 July 2020

Due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 the summer school "Global Studies in Russia" 2020 has been cancelled.

Instead of the event as it was planned we would like to offer a very short series of online lectures on Russian society, politics, and economy to everyone interested. The series will be held on July 9 and 10. Every session consists of two presentations followed by a short discussion and a round of questions and answers. The event will be run via Zoom. You can find the schedule below: 

09.07.2020 | 12:00 (Moscow time)
Dr Ilya MatveevIntroduction to Russian Politics
Dr Evgeny RoshchinRussian Republican Moments: Past and Present

10.07.2020 | 12:00 (Moscow time)
Dr Konstantinos Kostagiannis “Global Politics: Russia in the World
Dr Vitalii Gorokhov “Russia and the Globalization of Sports

Dr Ekaterina Potapova will be the moderator for both sessions.

1 ECTS credit can be granted to those who would be willing to write an essay on a topic related to the lectures.

A link to the event will be sent upon request: fmopi-sziu@ranepa.ruskorykh-ma@ranepa.ru.


Please submit your applications via the application form before 31 March 2020 if you are a citizen of a non-Schengen country, and before 14 April 2020 if you are a citizen of a Schengen or a visa-free country.


The school will focus on Russia’s global roleAfter allRussia is constantly in the news – but do we know much about its actual inner workings and outer ambitions? Is it still ‘a riddle, wrapped in a mysteryinside an enigma’, as Churchill famously saidor perhaps 'a normal country', as some suggested after the fall of CommunismWe will discuss Russian politicsthe historical forces shaping it as well as current trendsWe will explore Russia’s role in the post-Soviet region and in the worldinterrogating its great power ambitions and tough political manoeuvering as well as its role in the international institutions. We will talk about big business in Russia and the ways it is integrated into the global economy. Delving deeper still, we will look into the attitudes and values of the Russian population, comparing it regionally and internationally. You will learn about Russia – but you will also deepen your knowledge of key political, economic and sociological concepts through the discussions of the Russian case.


Each topic we discuss at the summer school will be covered through a morning session and an afternoon sessionThe morning session will be a lecture on the topic delivered by one of our instructors. Our instructors are members of the Faculty of International Relations and Politics and hold key expertise in Russian studies. Afternoon sessions will vary. Some of them will be seminars focused on zooming in to the topics covered in the morning session. Others will be exciting activities tailored to connect to the topic, like trips to local businesses, tours to sport facilities, and film screenings. Last but not least, our programme will include a two-day educational retreat to Zelenogorsk, at the Bay of Finland.


RANEPA will award a certificate of attendance to all students who completed the course in its entirety. Everyone who will have received a passing grade will be awarded the following number of credits: 2 ECTS for completion of all in-class sessions, extra 3 credits for an essay on the subject of the school to be submitted two weeks after the school ended.


To be eligible for participation in the summer school applicants should meet the following requirements:

- At least a year of studies at the BA level;
- Good English language skills (at least B2 according to CEFR).


A fee of 7 000 roubles (approximately 100 EUR) is to be paid at arrival. The fee covers:

- the issuing of a visa invitation;

- two-day retreat in Zelenogorsk (13-14 July 2020): a transfer from St. Petersburg and back, accommodation and meals.


Students will cover:

- travel expenses to St. Petersburg;

- accommodation in St. Petersburg (10 days).

If needed, RANEPA will make a preliminary reservation at the student guest house near the venue. A place in a three-bed room for the period of the summer school will cost 2 000 roubles (approximately 30 EUR).


Visa invitations will be provided. For more information about visas, please check a relevant Russian consulate website.


If you have any questions about the summer school or application procedure, please contact us via email fmopi-sziu@ranepa.ruskorykh-ma@ranepa.ru.


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