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Third Annual Conference on Public Policy Studies «Public Policy and Civil Society»


Faculty of International Relations and Politics NWIM RANEPA announces the Third Annual Conference on Public Policy Studies «Public Policy and Civil Society».

Due to the current epidemiological situation, the conference is postponed until April of 2021. Detailed information will be published on this page.

Working languages: English, Russian.

According to the normative theory of political pluralism, public policy in liberal democracies should be responsive to the organized interest groups that together comprise civil society. This conference will seek to explore and challenge this idealist theory. It builds on the understanding that the aggregation of interests and the formulation of common policy constitute a problem, both theoretical and practical, as the interests of different civil society organizations often contradict each other and are difficult to reconcile.

Furthermore, it may be even argued that a truly representative public policy is unlikely in the political arrangements dominated by the problems of narrow corporate interests and rent-seeking by bureaucratic actors, the problems of coordination between different agencies as well as sometimes low state capacity. All of these are familiar to liberal democracies, semi-democratic and non-democratic regimes

The very idea of representativeness of civil society could be seriously contested: can civil society organizations represent the interests of broader social constituencies? Can we not think of a gap between civil society and public opinion? Finally, can the term ‘civil society’ itself be mystifying and concealing the diversity of forms of popular participation in politics?

We invite submissions on the following topics:

  • Modern forms of collective deliberation and public policy
  • Representativeness of state institutions: potentials and limitations
  • Diverse forms of civil society and their impact on policy-making
  • Transnational civil society, knowledge transfer and domestic policies
  • Critical theories of civil society and the promise for public policy

Submissions on other topics are also welcome.

We invite public policy scholars to send an English-language abstract (500 words) and a CV to the following address: fspi.conference@gmail.com.

There is no participation fee.


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