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Student Council of NWIM RANEPA is the main body of student self-government in the Institute (since 2003). The structure of Student Council includes also the Commission on quality of education and NWIM students’ ombudsman.

Student life. Science and Culture

Traditionally various festivals and competitions are held at NWIM: "Academy of Talents", "First year students’ festival", championships on "Club of the Funny and Inventive", "Mr and Mrs NWIM". Different creative initiatives are encouraged in the Institute. They are theatre school "Version", two dancing groups (folk and modern), singing groups.

Student Associations successfully realize their activity on the base of the Institute: Student Scientific Society, Student Association of volunteers "SOVA", Student Pedagogical Group "Penguin", Student Club "Polis", Student Club "Customs inspector", Eurasian Youth Assembly, Club of intellectual games "Akademos".

"No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten"

NWIM RANEPA keeps carefully a memory about people’s feat during the Second World War. Almost all faculties of the Institute take care of monuments located in Saint-Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

Annually students of NWIM participate in action "The Immortal Regiment", hold "subbotnik" (Saturday voluntary work day) at the memorial on the place of the burnt village in Bolshoye Zarechie and near the monument to the children of the Leningrad Blocade.

An international online marathon of reading of wartime letters "I'm writing to you my own...I'm waiting for you my darling!" is held every year.

"Student to student" program

The "Student to student" program is realized in the Institute: students of last years of study help their younger colleagues to adapt to new conditions. Curatorial hours and other fascinating events are held for students.

All students’ achievements are included into their individual rating which is made twice a year based on the results of the academic progress of the students, their achievements in cultural and creative activity, sport, scientific and public work. All successful students get awards and gratitude from the director. 

Welcome to web sites of our Student Associations:

Calendar of annual events:




A festive ceremony of the beginning of the new academic year

traditionally takes place at Peter and Paul Fortress (September 1)

Academy Day (September 21)

Presentations of Student Associations of the Institute

Annually autumn sport and tourist meeting of NWIM RANEPA

Competition "Student of the Year of NWIM RANEPA"

 1 sen



"School of the most active students" of the Institute and faculties

Conference of students’ representatives

Festival of First Year students

 fest pervokurstnika


Election of the President of the Student Council of NWIM RANEPA

All-Russian model of the State Duma of the Russian Federation at NWIM RANEPA

All-Russian competition "Theatre Matrix"

 prezident vibori



Creative competition "Academy of talents"


Birthday of NWIM RANEPA (December 16)

 akademia talantov


Student Day

 stud 9



Organizational and active game "Territory of power"


Winter sport games of NWIM RANEPA

 winter games



A competition of intelligence, beauty and talent "Mr and Mrs NWIM RANEPA"

 miss sziu


Weeks of the Faculties of NWIM RANEPA

Eurasian Youth Innovative Convention




All-Russian online marathon of reading of the wartime letters

All-Russian student sport competition of RANEPA

Spring sport and touristic meeting of NWIM RANEPA

Russian competition "Mrs Presidential Academy"


 marafon pisem


Competition "Top 50 of the best students of NWIM RANEPA"




Summer campus of Presidential Academy (Kazan)


During a year

Competition of student scientific works

Championships on parliamentary debates

Student sport competitions of NWIM "Academiada"

Interfaculty championship of the Club of the Funny and Inventive

Opened championship of NWIM RANEPA on intellectual games

Donor Days

Total dictation (all-Russian annual event aimed at promotion of grammatical skills)

Accelerator of social initiatives RAISE (Moscow)

 Total dikt


Sport life

In 2016 and 2017 NWIM RANEPA became a winner of a competition between institutions of Saint-Petersburg for the best organization of sports and mass work.

"Victoria" sport center is the heart of sport life of NWIM RANEPA, where classes on football, mini football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, rhythmic gymnastics, swimming, karate, judo, sambo, juitsu, floorball, shooting, tennis, ping pong, arm-wrestling, chess and checks, badminton, beach tennis, athletics, cheerleading and other sport events are held regularly.

During a year students compete in more than 20 sports.

Coaching staff includes honored sports masters, as well as students and graduates of NWIM RANEPA.

Sport clubs work at every faculty of the Institute.


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