Higher education

Language, cultural and professional development


Language, cultural and professional development

The educational program is developed individually according to professional specialization and level of mastering Russian language and wishes of students. It is possible to carry out short-term program (up to 2 months) and long-term program (more than 2 months).

Educational process is provided by highly qualified teachers of NWIM RANEPA, SPBU, and other universities of Saint Petersburg. They use the newest multimedia materials and Internet resources. Upon graduating program, students get continuing education certificate. Specialists of the Centre are always glad to support with organization during the whole period of study. Our specialist will meet group in the airport and accompany to the accommodation. Transfer departure for excursions and to museums is organized from university building after lessons.

Cultural educational program:

  • Intensive course of Russian language;
  • Sightseeing tour around Saint Petersburg in autobus with guide. During the tour, group will see main sights of the Capital of the North, will learn interesting facts about the most famous buildings, streets, squares, and history of Saint Petersburg. During the tour you will get impression about Saint Petersburg;
  • Visiting museums with excursion tours: Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum, Pushkin's Apartment Museum, Nekrasov's Apartment Museum or the State Hermitage Museum, Anna Akhmatova's Apartment Museum in the Fountain House, Dostoevsky's Apartment Museum.

Educational program consists of the following modules:

  • Russian language as a foreign
  • Intercultural communication in sphere of professional activity
  • Professionally oriented language
  • Academic (business) Russian language

Training format:

  • Practical lessons;
  • Seminars;
  • Trainings;
  • Consutations.

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