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Professionally oriented Russian language


Russian language is considered to be one of the most beautiful languages of the world. The annual growth of the interest payed to learning Russian language is noted all over the world.

Our teachers always find individual approach to each student. There are introducing of history of the language, etymology of role-play games, discussions and creative work (drawings, storytelling) among the educational methods of the Centre. Teachers combine communicative approach in education with systematic studying of grammar for more effective learning, which helps students to understand and pass the correct sense of words, expressions and sentences, taking into account all features of Russian language.

We offer you not just learn Russian language, but learn its’ features in sphere of your professional specialization, for example:

  • Russian language in sphere of service and international tourism
  • Russian language in sphere of hospitality
  • Russian language for civil servants

The educational program is developed individually according to professional specialization and level of mastering Russian language and wishes of students. Duration can vary from 3 days up to 2 weeks. 

Training format:

  • Practical lessons;
  • Seminars;
  • Trainings;
  • Consultations.

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