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1. Global Studies in Russia – an integrated English language program in political science at the Faculty of International relations and Politics for BA students. Duration is 1 year (but it is also possible to come either for the 1st or for the 2nd semester). The program’s central focus is on Russian studies: politics, language and culture. It welcomes political science bachelor students and BA degree holders interested in Post-Soviet and Russian studies. The curriculum covers the total academic load of 60 ECTS credits (30 ECTS credits per semester). You can see the curriculum here.

2. Global Politics – the two-year MA course “Global Politics” at the Faculty of International relations and Politics helps to find reasons of current religious and ethnic conflicts, ensures getting skills of political situation analysis, explains the role of non-state participants of contemporary world politics, elucidates todays Russian external policy. It is possible to come for one-two semesters.

3. Modern European Law – International module for MA students, an integral part of the main Master program «Public International Law, European Law» offered at the Law Faculty of NWIM RANEPA. It covers the total academic load of 30 ECTS credits. The module is designed for highly qualified graduates from all over the world wishing to acquire better knowledge of International and Russian law, actual issues of the modern legal science, to interpret and apply legal regulations of the institutions of the European Union, etc.

4. Customs regulation and foreign trade – an international 1-semester program for BA students, launched at the Faculty of Customs Regulation and Security. It helps to understand the role of customs policy in the world history, the main aspects of the Eurasian Economic Union customs law, analyze the global integration processes of the customs territory, to learn more about tax classification, rules of origin, customs procedures and customs control as the fundamental subjects for foreign trade exchanges and customs affairs.

5. World Economy and the Development of Financial Markets – an international 1-semester program for BA students, launched at the Faculty of Economics and Finance. The module enables students to study the basics of the international financial market. In addition to general theoretical issues, the module considers the basic principles of the functioning of the world economy. Students discover the ways of conducting international trade activities, practical issues of currency transactions. The issues related to the functioning of the stock market are given in details and the problems of risk management are highlighted.

6. Master of Global Public Policy - a two-year master's program launched in 2014. MGPP is the first to offer students the remarkable resources of Russia's two global cities combined in one master's degree that is designed to utilize the strengths of both Moscow and St. Petersburg in an effective fashion. The target audience is both broad and deep, encompassing both Russian and international students, and also recent graduates and those with professional experience. Taught entirely in English, this two-year program is jointly offered by the MGPP Program in Moscow and the Department of Comparative Political Studies at the North-West Institute of Management in St. Petersburg, both under RANEPA label. Students come from over a dozen countries around the globe and the world-class faculty also teach at or have advanced degrees from Harvard, Oxford, Columbia, Sorbonne, and other top universities. The program meets international standards and has been carefully benchmarked to the top graduate-level public policy programs around the world. It is designed to prepare graduates as future leaders and professionals, to address global challenges with sound public policy. 



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