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Russian as a Foreign, preparing for TORFL (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language)


TORFL is an international exam to determine the level of Russian language proficiency.

The system of English proficiency includes six levels:

  • Elementary – You will be able to communicate on the main topics of personal life, to understand the basic information in stores
  • Basic –You can effectively communicate in the Russian-speaking environment, convey your point of view on the current issue
  • I Certificate Level –The course is designed for those who have basic knowledge and want to pass the test for the first certification level, giving the right to enter the university
  • II Certificate Level – The course is designed for those who plan to do activities in Russian as a specialist, the certificate makes it possible to enter the Master’s program in Russian university
  • III Certificate Level – The course is designed for those who plan to do professional activities in Russian as a philologist, translator, diplomat, working in Russian-speaking team
  • IV Certificate Level – The course is designed for those who want to confirm a high level of language proficiency, close to the native speaker level.

* Russian language testing is carried out within the Russian state system for foreign citizens’ testing in the Russian language (TORFL) and it is an additional paid educational service.

* We can organize various combinations of program modules for your requests.

Training format:

  • Individual Consultations
  • Individual Course
  • Group Course

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