Новости модуля Жан Монне 2018—2021
Новости модуля Жан Монне 2018—2021

Presentation of certificates on professional development under the professional program «The influence of migration and socio-demographic processes on the periphery of the European integration. Legal political and humanitarian aspects» of students of the Jean Monnet Module.


The conference within the framework of the module «Topical issues of the rights of migrant workers and refugees in Eastern Europe» was held on 24 May  in the St. Petersburg House of nationalities.

The conference discussed the legal regulation of labor migration and protection of the rights of refugees, as well as migration processes in Europe. Head of project, Associate Professor of international and humanitarian law Vadim Atnashev said that such meetings to discuss actual problems and ways of their solution are very important. Especially given today’s political agenda.

Speakers of the conference were lecturer of NWIM RANEPA, experts of the project team Jean Monnet and invited experts. One of the invited experts was Diana Mubarakshina, representative of the St. Petersburg branch of the Russian red cross. She said about the active work on the adaptation of migrants and refugees in the Northern capital. For refugees are regularly provided with legal advice and educational projects for the study of the Russian language are created. The next invited expert was a Professor of constitutional and international law of Saint-Petersburg University of MIA of Russia Sergey Andrejco. He noted that it is possible to avoid numerous offenses among migrants in Russia, in particular in St. Petersburg, for this it is necessary for foreign citizens at all stages to provide information support.

Among the listener of the Module is a citizen of Greece. Aikaterini Fotopoulou arrived to Russia from Greece 7 years ago. During the conference, she presented a report on slavery and human trafficking. In her view, this problem had reached global proportions in the 21st century.

Also, the discussion was attended by national and cultural autonomy of St. Petersburg, for which the issue of migration is very relevant, as for the St. Petersburg House of nationalities.

Students of the Jean Monnet Module «The influence of migration and socio-demographic processes on the periphery of evropean integration. Legal political and humanitarian aspects» together with head of project associate professor of integration and humanitarian law V.R. Atnashev and the project team were on a tour in the Russian Ethnographic Museum.

 During the tour, the audience was told about the natural and economic conditions of the peoples of the Caucasus and Eastern Europe living at the junction of the two cultures. The Museum’s collection includes cultural monuments of the peoples who lived on the territory of the Russian Empire and abroad, who settled on the territory of the States that once border with the Russian Empire, as well as peoples close in culture or language.

Within the framework of the Module, students learn about factors influencing the formation of the demographic and social map of modern Europe.

Humanitarian, natural and economic aspects have a huge impact on migration processes. During the tour of the ethnographic museum, the audience discovered the changes in the political geography of the settlement of people within the framework of migration processes.

Excursion has become an important part of the training at the Module.